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To Our Military Veterans Past and Present


For your Patriotism, Dedication and Courage.

With Immense Respect WE HONOR YOU.

To Honor our Military Veterans past and present, please send their complete name and what branch of Service they were in to


Dave Banister                  US Army

Aaron S. Barnes              US Army

Charles T. Barnett           US Air Force
Donald L. Barnett            US Air Force
Gerald D. Barnett            US Air Force
Harold H. Barnett            US Army
Mark V. Barnett               US Army
Paul W. Barnett               US Army
Raymond L. Barnett       US Army

Christopher A.  Bartkiewicz   US Army
David L. Bell                     US Navy
David O. Bell                     US Navy

Channing Chears             US Marines
Brandon A. Clark             US Navy
Dwayne Cole                     US Navy

Kevin L. David                   US Army

Patrick 'Joe' Davis           US Army

Charles DeFoer                 US Navy

Joseph DeFoer                  US Marines

Maurice 'Sonny' DeFoer  US Marines

Jesse J. Derry                   US Army
Jeremy Douglas               US Marines

Nicholas Endres      IL Army Nat'l Guard

Claude Garzee, Sr            US Army
Ralph L. Groover              US Air Force
William Hand                    US Navy
Edward Handscomb       US Army
Jenna Pearl Hanlin          US Navy

Paul F Hasse Jr.               US Army
Joshua Hebb                     US Air Force

Lawrence "Dick" Hill       US Air Force

Dave Hinkle                       US Army

Jon E Johnson                  US Marines

Forrest L. Klinedinst        US ARMY
Thomas H. MacDonald    US Air Force
Caroline Y. Mastrangelo  US Navy
Michael J. Mastrangelo   US Navy

Rickey G. McCloskey       US Marines

Richard E. Mendenhall    US Air Force
Frank A. Meyers                US Army

Thomas Murphy                US Navy

James E. Paul                   US Air Force

Marian G. Paul     Nurses Corp US Army

Ralph L. Paul                     US Army

Ralph Wm. Paul                US Army
Jason Michael Phillips     US Navy

William "Bill" Postin Jr.    US Army

William C. Roudebush     US ARMY
Tony Sandefur                   US Navy
Maurice E. Schoon           US Army

Cailin Sego                         US Army
John L. Swise                    US Army
Richard Taylor                   US Air Force
Stephen E. Taylor             US Army
Stephen Taylor         US National Guard
Wayne E. Taylor               US Navy
John E. Tharp                   US Navy
Stephen J. Tharp             US Navy
Donald A. Tharp, Sr        US Navy

Bernard Lloyd Tracey     US Army
Jim Tompkins                   US Army

John Werland                   US Marines,

                                   IL Army Nat'l Guard

Corey Wise                        US Army
Mark Woods                     US Navy
Charlie Wright                  US Navy

Joseph P. Yurkovich  US Army & Airforce

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