Butterball Talk Line Solves Turkey Trauma

Turkey talk line.jpg
(Undated) -- Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line is expecting to field more than 10-thousand questions on Thanksgiving Day. The turkey talk-line enters its 33rd year of taking calls from people trying to baste that perfect turkey and sometimes they even prevent turkey trauma. Butterball talk-line expert Jan Allen says for the best results make sure you roast your turkey at 325-degrees for close to four hours. If the turkey is more than 18-pounds with stuffing then it needs to cook for more than five hours. Allen says defrosting your turkey is a process; one day in the fridge for every four-pounds. If that's not enough then you can soak your wrapped turkey in cold water. Butterball says more than a pound per person is plenty. On Thanksgiving Day, the experts will be fielding calls from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 1-800-BUTTERBALL.