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Derick Higgins Missing Since March of 2013 Spotted In Las Vegas, Nevada

Derek Higgins.png
(Undated) -- It’s been over a year and a half since Fulton County resident Derick A. Higgins disappeared. Higgins has been missing since March 21, 2013. The Fulton County Sheriff's Office says that they were alerted of a possible fingerprint match on Higgins. Deputies say they learned that police made contact with Higgins in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the cooperation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, deputies were able to confirm Higgins fingerprints were a match to the alias name that was provided. Deputies were not informed of the April 22nd booking of Higgins until October 27th. According to a press release from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office, family members positively identified the mug shot of Higgins on October 27th. Higgins remains entered as missing and endangered until he can be located and his well-being verified. Members of Higgins family have traveled to Las Vegas to try to locate the missing man.

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