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SRC Offering Class On FDR

(Canton, IL) -- Spoon River College and the Senior Learning Network are partnering to offer a new live Video conference this week. This live video conference is an introduction to Franklin D. Roosevelt through the context of the challenges he faces and the contributions he made to the world in his time as well as our own. The focus is on his sense of confidence, commitment to public service, his battle to overcome the effects of polio, his creation of the New Deal, his leadership in World War II and his role in creating the United Nations. The program is a live broadcast from the FDR Presidential Library and Museum in New York. There will be a room monitor and the opportunity for participants to interact with the museum presenter. It will be held on Wednesday in both Canton and Macomb. There is a fee to attend and pre-registration is required. Those attending are asked to arrive at 12:45 Wednesday afternoon for the webinar that begins at 1 p.m. The length of the presentation is 30 to 45 minutes. For more information or to register call Spoon River College at 1-309-647-6260 or 1-309-833-6031.

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