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Feree Says Almost Anything Can Be Grown In Containers

(Lewistown, IL) -- Growing plants in containers is very popular. Almost anything can be grown in containers, including trees and shrubs. Rhonda Ferree, Horticulture Educator with the University of Illinois Extension, says that containers provide a feeling of permanence and beauty to an area. Feree says that unfortunately for those of us in central Illinois, containerized plants often experience severe winter injury and often death if unprotected. Ferree says that very large containers should weather fine without any extra protection. Smaller containers, on the other hand, need extra protection if overwintered outdoors. She says that plant breeders are producing smaller and smaller plants to grow in containers and that some of those need extra winter care. Those that need the extra care include bonsai trees, dwarf fruit trees and miniature berry shrubs.

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