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Canton Dulotts 4-H Club Looking For Members

(Lewistown, IL) -- September 1st was the beginning of the new 4-H year. The Canton Dulotts 4-H Club is looking for new members! Kids who like having fun, meeting new people, developing new skills, and getting involved in community projects will want to join 4-H. Boys and girls who are at least eight years old as of September 1 of this year can join a 4-H club this year. Members can stay in the program through the age of 18. The Canton Dulotts 4-H Club meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Canton YWCA located at 111 North Avenue A in Canton. The next meeting will take place on November 11th. If you would like more information contact Carla Murray, volunteer 4-H leader by calling 1-309-645-6130 or email her at

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