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Police News 10-10-14

Fight Ensues Over Baby Found In Dumpster

(Jacksonville, IL) -- There's a fight brewing over who should have custody of a newborn baby that was tossed into a dumpster in Jacksonville. DCFS officials say he should be with his biological relatives, particularly his maternal grandmother, but Morgan County Assistant State's Attorney Chad Turner doesn't like that idea at all. He says it's not in the best interest of the child because his mother is the one who allegedly put him in the trash back in August. Turner wants the baby to stay with his foster parents. A judge has agreed with Turner for now and has issued an injunction that prevents the DCFS from moving the kid.

Bloomington Man Gets Eight Years For Judge Threat

(Bloomington, IL) -- A Bloomington man has been sentenced close to eight years in prison for threatening a federal judge. Twenty-eight-year-old Phillip Porter has already served time for threatening the life of President Obama four years ago. He threatened the same judge who sentenced him in the case involving the threat against the President.

Anna Educator Charged With Drug Possession

(Union County, IL) -- An assistant principal from Anna District 37 is on administrative leave after being charged with drug possession. Prosecutors say 30-year-old Tony Rinella faces three counts of possession of a controlled substance. The district was called about the charges on Tuesday. The case has been investigated by police and has been the subject of a grand jury proceeding. Rinella posted bond and is expected back in court next month.

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