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Still Time To Sign Up For 12-Week Session At SRC

(Canton, IL) -- The fall semester is already underway but students at Spoon River College still have time to sign up for the 12-week session that starts on September 22nd. Students have until tomorrow to sign up for the 12 week session. Missy Wilkinson, the Dean of Student Services at SRC says that the shorter sessions are fairly new, so they want to make sure that those who may be interested in registering realize that time is short they still have time to sign up to get started this fall, rather than wait until January. The 8-week classes begin on October 20th and students have until October 17gth to sign up for that session. There is also still time to sign up for financial aid. For more information, call 1-3090649-6400 in Canton, in Havana call 1-309-543-4413. Call 1-309-833-6069 in Macomb and in Rushville call 1-217-322-6060.

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