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News Release From Police Chief Kent McDowell

(Canton, IL) -- On September 17, 2014 at 5:13PM, the Canton Police Department investigated a suspicious person/vehicle complaint in the area of N. 8th Ave and E. Ash St. Police were advised that a white male, believed to be in his 30s with short hair and mustache, spoke to several children from a white van. The van was described to be a family van and not a work van. The van had no license plates and was white in color. The man tried to talk kids into getting into the van by saying that he had something to show them. The van was last seen leaving north on N. 8th from the E. Ash area. The Canton Police then received another complaint from the area of Fulton Place and Ave B. this case is similar in the respect that the van was white but described as larger and with tinted windows. Possibly like an econoline van. There is no description of the driver other than the fact that he was alone in the van. This van also had no license plates. The Canton Police Department is taking both of these complaints very seriously and asking for any help from the community. Also, talk to your children about not talking to strangers or entering a vehicle with a stranger. We advise you to run to the nearest residence and pound on the door to get an adult to assist you. We would also like to make the public aware that a van similar to this description is also under investigation by Peoria Country and Elmwood PD, as there was an incident a couple weeks ago, very similar to this, where a driver tried to lure two girls who were running a cross country practice. However, this suspect was described to be in his 60s with white hair. Although there is difference in the description of the driver, that doesn't mean that he couldn't alter his appearance. If anyone has any information, please call 647-5131 or Crime Stoppers at 647-3636.

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