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Banner Could Remodel Water Treatment Plant

(Banner, IL) -- In order to deal with extreme rain fall, such as what has fallen the last two days, the Village of Banner is looking at remodeling the water treatment plant that it currently uses. In a report from the IEPA. The Water Treatment Plant isn't able to handle heavy amounts of rain or snow when it melts into the system. Heavy rains and snow melt causes solid waste-filled sewage to overflow into Copperas Creek. The estimated cost to fix the problem will run about $469,900. That includes $372,900 in construction and contingency costs. Another $22,400 in legal and administrative costs. Then for design engineering and construction engineering it would cost $37,300. The IEPA claims that Banner residents who use 6,000 gallons each month, the cost would go up $20 to $55 a month. Village officials claim that is high and it would only cost residents between $3 and $5 a month. A public hearing on the matter is expected to take place within the next two months.

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