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Summer Fun Index Highlights Importance of Illinois Waterways

(Undated) -- Whether it’s for boating, fishing, or swimming, a new report indicates Illinoisans love to take to the water. According to a new “Summer Fun Index” from Environment Illinois, over 32 million people visit waterways in Illinois each year. And besides all the recreational opportunities, rivers, streams and lakes also provide critical habitat to many species, and Lake Michigan is an important source of drinking water. Environmental sustainability professor at Loyola University, Dr. Christopher Peterson, says these waterways face a number of threats. Over 48 thousand miles of Illinois rivers and streams are not guaranteed protection under the Clean Water Act, but the E-P-A has proposed a rule to restore protections for these smaller waterways. This week, the U-S House is scheduled to vote on a measure that would block the rule. (H-R 5078)

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