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Supreme Court Finds Increase Unconstitutional

(Undated) -- In an attempt to balance the general funds budget in Illinois, the state attempted in recent months to increase the required co-payments made by retirees in state-overseen ;health care management systems. The increase was subjected to litigation however. A recent decision by the Illinois Supreme Court in the litigation found that the increase was unconstitutional and the high court remanded the case to circuit court for further action. The Sangamon County Circuit Court then implemented the high courts constitution finding by issueing an injunction on August 28th of last month. Court action and negotiations are continuing with respect to refundas to retiree of premium increases already paid. Premiums collected from SERS retirees only have been deposited into an escrow account that currently holds just over $24.9-millino. It will likely be months before retirees start to see refunds of the premiums they have already paid.

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