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Are Cell Phones Safe? The CDC Changes Its Mind

(Undated) -- The C-D-C became the first federal agency to acknowledge health risks from cell phone use – then suddenly back-tracked. Sometime before early June, the C-D-C posted significant new wording in a "Frequently Asked Questions" section on its website. To the question, "Do cell phones cause health problems in children?” it read, “It’s too soon to know for sure,” and went on to say children will have more exposure over a lifetime growing up with cell phones. But last week, that was changed to simply, “It’s not known if cell phone use by children can cause health problems.” Public interest lawyer Jim Turner speculates the changes were triggered either by industry lobbyists, government officials, or both. The C-D-C has not returned a request for comment. The agency made other back-tracking language changes regarding possible cancer and other health risks from cell phones.

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