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Farmington Rotary Club To Hear Speech Titled "Farming and Food"

(Farmington, IL) -- How are farmers using science and technology to grow healthier food? What's the impact on our food, animal care and the environment? Those questions will be answered next week at the regularly scheduled Farmington Rotary Club meeting. Steve Main of Main Hitch Farm in Altona, will address the group at noon next Tuesday at the Tri County Senior Center, which is located at 88 East Fort Street in Farmington. The speech is titled "Farming and Food". It will highlight how oncoing advancements in agricultural science are helping farmers raise better food while using fewer natural resources than ever before. Main says that the pork industry in Illinois contributes more than $1.7 billion annually to the state's economy, generates over $315-milliion in taxes and supports over 7,800 jobs in the state.

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