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Rides At Illinois State Fair Safe & Tips To Staty Healthy At Fairs

(Springfield, IL) -- The Illinois State Fair kicked off last night and residents of west central Illinois and the rest of the state got good news, all rides are safe. The Illinois Department of Labor deployed five inspectors to check all rides on Wednesday. They will remain on the grounds while the fair continues to make sure rides stay safe. Along with inspecting nuts and bolts, inspectors are looking to ensure each ride is properly permitted to operate in the state. Meanwhile, State officials are offering a few health tips for people who are headed out to state or county fairs. Public Health spokeswoman Melaney Arnold says people should remember to drink plenty of water and stay away from too many sugary drinks. She also recommends people wear sunscreen and clothes that'll keep them cool. Remember, bugs will be out so don't be afraid to spray on a bit of insect repellent with DEET to keep them at bay.

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