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Police News 8-8-14

Two Individuals From Canton Facing Charges After Police Dispatched to Bob Ems Field (Canton, IL) -- Two people are facing charges after being arrested in Canton earlier this week. Police say that early on Thursday at just before 12:45, officers were dispatched to several individuals being reported sitting in the bleechers at Bob Ems Field located along North Avenue in Canton. Police say that upon arrival they found several open cans of alcohol at the site. Canton police say they found 22-year old Jarod S. Brooks and 24-year old Benjamin S. Williams as well as a 14-year old male and a 15-year old male, both of Canton, and a 22-year old Jacksonville male sitting in the bleechers. Both Brooks and Williams were found to have been consuming alcohol. Both were arrested and charged. Brooks was cited at the scene for a city ordinance violation of public drinking, while Williams was also cited at the scene for a city ordinance violation of possession of alcohol by a minor. The two were released and each have a September Fulton County Court date in Lewistown. The two juveniles were taken to their parents homes and released to the custody of a parent.

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