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Memphis To Peoria As Well As Local Runs Raise Over $1-Million This Year

(Peoria, IL) -- Nearly 2200 runners participated in this year’s "Runs to Peoria" that benefit the kids of St. Jude Hospital in Memphis with its Midwest Affiliate in Peoria. 170 runners participated in the Memphis to Peoria Run of 450 miles. 86 runners from the Canton area took part in the Canton to Peoria run. In all, over $1-million was raised with all of the runs. The Canton to Peoria Run raised over $95.000 this year. For the first time there was a Lewistown to Peoria run this year. About 20 runners participated and raised nearly $19,000. This is the 33rd year for the Peoria to Memphis Run, 35 smaller communities hosted runs this year as well, including the Canton to Peoria and Lewistown to Peoria runs.

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