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Newer Cars Saving IL Drivers Money at the Gas Pump

(Undated) -- Illinoisans who traveled the roads over the holiday weekend likely felt the pinch at the gas pump, but some spent a lot less fueling up than others. New research from the Consumer Federation of America finds the average fuel economy of new cars has improved by 20 percent in the past four years. Spokesman Jack Gillis says drivers of 2008 models typically spend about 23 -hundred dollars a year and those who drive a typical 2014 model are spending about 300 dollars less. And he says savings should only increase as manufacturers improve fuel efficiency. Gillis says those who purchase more fuel-efficient vehicles, such as hybrids that use gasoline and electricity, are saving about 500-hundred dollars more a year. New fuel economy standards require cars and light trucks to average just over 54 miles per gallon by 2025. Gillis says car manufacturers are well on their way to meeting the standards, as many of the new vehicles introduced this year already exceed the future fuel economy benchmarks.

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