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Police News 07-04-14

Bryant Woman Rescued From Well (Bryant, IL) -- A Bryant woman was rescued from a well in Bryant because of quick action by a boy and his mom. Authorities say that the 39-year old woman fell into the well at a residence on Hasson Street in Bryant on Monday morning at around 11:30. Members of the Buckheart Township Fire Protection District along with Fulton County Ambulance and Fulton County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the scene. Canton's Technical Rescue was also called to the scene in Bryant. The woman suffered from scrapes and bruises after being pulled from the well by rope after those at the scene learned that the Canton Technical Rescue would be delayed. 11-year old Lucas Grigsby and his mother, Audrey Carlin were the mother and son who helped the woman, whose identity has not been released. It is also unknown how deep the well actually is. Canton Man Charged After Traffic Stop (Canton, IL) -- A Canton man is facing charges after it was found he was driving a vehicle with a revoked driver's license. Canton police say they made a traffic stop near the intersection of East Spruce Street and Avenue A Tuesday night at just before 7. Officers identified the driver as 44-year old Carl D. Townley and knew that he had a revoked driver's license. After making the stop, Townley was given a citation for driving with a revoked driver's license. He was given a notice to appear and released at the scene. Townley has an August Fulton County Court date in Lewistown. Warrant Leads To Arrest Of Canton Man (Canton, IL) -- A Canton man who was wanted on a valid warrant was arrested earlier this week after a traffic stop when police spotted him talking on a cell phone while driving. Officers say they conducted the stop at the intersection of North 2nd Avenue and East Locust Street Tuesday night at just before 6. 38-year old Timothy S. Lindsey was wanted for a 2014 Fulton County Felony Warrant, failure to appear pay order for a warrant and a Mason County Warrant for a petition to revoke probation. Lindsey was arrested and taken to the Canton Police Department where he was unable to post bond and was later taken to the Fulton County Jail in Lewistown. Firefighters Burn Small Town Murder Scene (Beason, IL) -- The single-story Logan County house that was the scene of this small town's worst crime is no more. Beason firefighters, with the help of neighboring departments, today burned the house where five members of a local family were murdered almost five years ago. Rick and Ruth Gee and three of their children were bludgeoned to death by Christopher Harris, Rick Gee's former son-in-law. Other members of the Gee family have been working with the fire department for about a year to secure the necessary permits to have the house burned to the ground. Bus Passenger Charged After Assaulting The Driver (Carterville, IL) -- A Marion man is being held on 50-thousand-dollars bond after he attacked a bus driver with a pen. Police charged 56-year-old Arthur Wilkins on Wednesday with aggravated battery. Detectives say the suspect assaulted a Rides Mass Transit driver while the bus was traveling along Campground Road in Carterville. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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