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Former Congressman Visits Canton

(Canton, IL) -- The Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional Seat in Illinois made a stop in Canton on Tuesday. Former Representative Schilling stopped at the American Legion to talk about a recently passed Bill in Congress in regard to Veterans. Schilling says that one of the things this Bill will do is give veterans access to non-VA providers and will also reduce the VA waitlists and backlogs. One difference between the Bill that Schilling introduced in 2011 and the Bill that was recently passed in the House of Representatives is the waiting period before vet's can use a doctor other than those at VA Clinics. If the wait is 45 days or more, Vets will then be able to use a doctor that is a non-VA provider. Schilling said that in the Bill he introduced, Vets would have been able to go to a non-VA provider immediate. A U.S. Senate version passed recently as well by a 93-3 vote.

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