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Honeysuckle Flowers Are Always Very Popular

(Lewistown, IL) -- Honeysuckle flowers are popular and there is a certain nostalgia associated with this old flower. Michele Wiesbrook, University of Illinois Extension Specialist says that it's not surprising then, that a quick internet search retrieved over 100 song lyrics that included "honeysuckle". There are quite a few species of exotic bush honeysuckles. Some of the more common ones in Illinois are Lonicera Maackii which is Amur honeysuckle, L. Morrowii or Morrow's honeysuckle and L. tatarica or Tartarian honeysuckle. If you are unsure if you have a native or exotic honeysuckle in your landscape, check the stem. For exotics, the older stems are often hollow while most of the native bush honeysuckles have solid stems.

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