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Report: Dying at a Concert is Easier Than You Think

(Undated) -- The summer concert season has arrived, but amid the music and crowds, dangers are lurking that can lead to tragedy, mainly for teens and young adults. A new analysis from "ClickitTicket" reviewed more than 200 fatalities at concerts since 1969 and about three-dozen were drug-related. C-E-O Jason O’Connor says the drugs used at concerts include cocaine, heroin, bath salts, meth and one of the most mentioned - M-D-M-A, also known as "ecstasy" or "Molly," which can lead to hyperthermia, or elevated body temperature. O’Connor also notes stories of bad batches of M-D-M-A, laced with dangerous chemicals. Other leading causes of concert deaths are crowd stampedes, structural failures and violence.

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