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Summer Solicitors: What to Watch for with Door-to-Door

(Undated) -- With the warmer weather that comes along with summer, so do the door-to-door solicitors. And while many operate fairly and honestly, there are ways to spot those who are simply looking for a quick buck. Steve Bernas with the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois tells people to watch for high-pressure sales tactics. These can include cash-only offers, solicitors who ask for the entire payment up-front, or those who offer discounts to recommend other customers. He adds a legitimate business will be willing to wait for your business. When dealing with a door-to-door solicitor, Bernas says always ask for identification, verify the company and that the individual works for them, and inquire about their licensing. And people who think they've been victims of a deceitful sale might find legal recourse under the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act.

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