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Police News 06-03-14

Canton Man Charged With Violating Order Of Protection (Canton, IL) -- A Canton man is facing charges after allegedly violating an order of protection. Canton police say that a 40-year old Canton female met with them at the Canton Police Department on Sunday afternoon at just before 5 and told them that she had been approached by 35-year old Joshua C. Murphy while in her car at the parking lot at the police department and he allegedly started arguing with her. Police say they then met with Murphy after officers located him on Robinson Court. An investigation resulted in Murphy being arrested. He was taken to the Canton Police Department where he was processed on a charge of violating an order of protection. Murphy was later taken to the Fulton County Jail in Lewistown. Traffic Stop Leads To Drug Charges Against Two Canton Residents (Canton, IL) -- Two Canton residents are facing drug related charges after a traffic stop that happened in Canton last week. Canton police say they stopped a vehicle near the intersection of Main and Tammarack Streets for failing to signal. The driver of the vehicle was identified as 18-year old Dakota C. Snook. There were two others passengers in the vehicle in addition to Snook. Canton police say that Fulton County Sheriff's K-9 Bolo was brought in and alerted on the vehicle. One of ;the passengers in the vehicle, a 15-year old Canton female, allegedly had a hitter pipe in one of her pockets in her jeans shorts. She was given a city ordinance citation of possession of drug paraphernalia. A small amount of marijuana was found in the vehicle during a search. Snook was then arrested of unlawful possession of cannabis under 2.5 grams. Both the juvenile and Snook were taken to the Canton Police Department to be processed. The teen was released to the custody of a parent. Snook posted a $120 cash bond and a $20 processing fee and was released. The teen has 14 days to pay a fine for the city ordinance citation and if it is not paid, she will have a July Fulton County Court date. Snook has a Fulton County Court date in Lewistown scheduled for later this month.. Drug Charges Filed Against Canton Teen (Canton, IL) -- A Canton teen is facing drug related charges following a traffic stop that occured over the weekend in Canton. Police say they observed a vehicle fail to make a complete stop at the intersection of Avenue A and West Chestnut Street Saturday night at just before 6. The stop was made in the 0 block of West Elm Street. The driver of the vehicle was identified as 19-year old Ryan A. Kenny. Authorities say there were three other passengers in the vehicle at the time of the stop. Authorities located a hitter pipe used to smoke pot in the center console of the vehicle. He was given a city ordinance citation for possession of drug paraphernalia. Kenny will have 14 days to pay the city fine, if not he will have a July Fulton County Court date in Lewistown. Kenny was given a written warning for the stop sign violation. Canton Woman Charged After Traffic Stop (Canton, IL) -- A traffic stop in Canton over the weekend resulted in the arrest of a Canton woman. Police say they conducted the stop Saturday morning at 12:30 at the intersection of Elm Street and 3rd Avenue for a vehicle driving without its lights on. After making the stop, the driver was identified as 35-year old Jayme L. Owens. An investigation found that the registration for the vehicle had expired. It was also determined that Owens had been drinking. She was given several field sobriety tests, which she allegedly failed. She was then arrested and taken to the Canton Police Department. Owens was also unable to provide police with proof of insurance. She was processed on charges of driving without headlights, driving a vehicle with an expired registration, DUI, DUI over .08 and driving a motor vehicle without proof of insurance. Owens posted a $300 cash bond and a $20 processing fee. She was given a July Fulton County Court date in Lewistown. Monday Morning Shooting In Peoria (Peoria, IL) -- A shooting early Monday morning in Peoria is being investigated by authorities. Police in the River City say it happened at about 3 yesterday morning in the 2500 block of West Krause Avenue. Authorities say they responded to a call of multiple shots being fired outside of the Harrison Homes in Peoria. Three people were found to be shot and were taken to the hospital. One of the individuals was shot in the chest, the other two were shot in the leg and the foot. Authorities say that none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. The investigation into the shooting is continuing. Village Trustee In Bartonville On Trial (Peoria, IL) -- The trial of a village trustee from Bartonville is now underway. A jury was selected yesterday in the trial of 42-year old Scott Helms. Helms was charged with arson, aggravated arson and criminal damage to property. The charges against him stem from a fire that occurred last July at the Pennsylvania Terrace Apartments. Opening statements in the trial are scheduled to take place today. Helms current term as a trustee on the Bartonville Village Board runs through May of 2017.

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