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U of I Has New Resource For Horticulture Plant Identification

(Undated) -- Whether you are teaching or studying horticulture plant identification, a new resource produced by the University of Illinois can help even beginner horticulturalist to distinguish a white fir from a white pine, or an azalea from a gardenia, for example. Pubs Plus, the educational publishing unit of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences and U of I Extension, has created a set of horticulture plant identification flash cards which can now be purchased on the Pubs Plus website. The boxed set features 272 cards displaying photographs of all plants on the national and Illinois FFA horticulture judging lists. Each card shows the plant in full color on one side and provides a description, plant characteristics and growing conditions on the back. Section cards describe the 12 plant categories. For more information on this or other products available from Pubs Plus, visit their website at

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