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Police News 11-20-14

Beardstown Man Allegedly Kills Baby

(Beardstown, IL) -- A Beardstown man is facing first-degree murder charges after allegedly killing his girlfriend's baby. Police say the eight-month-old boy suffered from blunt force trauma and had third-degree burns on most of his body when he was taken to a hospital last month. Jose Nieto-Roman reportedly caused the injuries while his girlfriend was away. Police say Nieto-Roman started stabbing himself when cops showed up to the home. He's been in the hospital since October 31st but was officially charged yesterday.

Investigation Into Fatal Accident In Peoria Heights Results In No Charges

(Peoria Heights, IL) -- Authorities in Peoria Heights have finished their investigation into a fatal accident that occurred last week. The fatal accident took the life of a 13-year old boy. According to a press release in regard to the investigation, Police in Peoria Heights found that there was no negligence that was found on behalf of the driver of the vehicle that struck the boy while he was on his bike at the intersection of War Memorial and Illinois in Peoria Heights. Authorities in Peoria Heights says that the driver of the vehicle cooperated with them throughout the investigation. Police say that no citations were issued and that they consider the case is closed.

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