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Police News 10-06-14

Accident In Peoria County Takes Life Of Glasford Man

(Peoria, IL) -- An accident that occured over the weekend in Peoria County took the life of a Glasford man. Authorities say it happened Saturday morning at about 11 on U.S. Route 24 at the interesection with Powell Road. Investigators say they believe that the man identified as 86-year old Herman Grebner was pulling from Powell Road onto Route 24 when a semi struck the Grebner vehicle. Grebner was pronounced dead at the scene by the Peoria County Coroner's office.

Fitness Hearing Held For Peoria Man Accused In Peoria's Deadliest Fire

(Peoria, IL) -- A Peoria man who was accused in the deadliest fire in Peoria has once again been found unfit to stand trial. A fitness hearing for Joe Pickens took place on Friday. Authorities say that Pickens set fire to a mattress in a families home because he became upset when he was told to leave. The fire occured on the east bluff in 1989. Another fitness hearing will take place in March of next year.

Two Men Arrested On ISU Campus For Breaking Into Old Dorms

(Normal, IL) -- Two men have been arrested by Illinois State University police after they allegedly broke into old dormitories. Authorities say that they formed a perimeter around the area and then arrested 30-year olds Jacob Schultz and Tyler Reinitz Friday morning at about 1. The two allegedly broke into the old dorms to take copper from old pipes. Both have been charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools, criminal trespass and criminal damage to state supported property.

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