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Canton Police Looking For Suspicious Man/Van

(Canton, IL) -- Authorities in Canton are warning area residents about a suspicious person and vehicle that has apparently been in the Canton area. Police say that the van is white and the man is a white male that is in his 30's with short hair and a mustache. The man allegedly spoke to kids from a white van. Police say the van has been described as the type that a family would drive and not a work style van. The van also reportedly had no license plate. One incident allegedly happened in the area of North 8th Avenue and East Ash Street, while the second occurred in the area of South Avenue B and Fulton Place. Both occurred on Wednesday. A similar incident has also been reported to have taken place in Elmwood recently in addition to the two incidents in Canton earlier this week. Canton police say they take these complaints seriously and if anyone has information about the two incidents in Canton to contact the Canton Police Department by calling 1-309-647-5131.

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