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Mosquitoes Collected In Fulton County Test Positive For West Nile Virus

(Fulton County, IL) -- Fulton County is the latest county in the state to have a group of mosquitoes test positive for the West Nile virus. On Monday, the Fulton County Health Department released the results after collecting the insects last week. Officials in the county warn residents to take precautions against the bite-transferred disease. Residents are encouraged by officials from the Fulton County Health Department to use bug spray when they are going to be outside. Additional advice includes wearing shoes, socks, long sleeves and long pants when outdoors. Officials also advise to make sure that doors and windows as well as screens are sealed tightly. Also, eliminate standing water that can lead to mosquito breeding. If you would like more information about the virus, call the West Nile hotline at 1-866-369-9710.

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