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Police News 07-23-14

Peoria Man Indicted By Peoria County Grand Jury (Peoria, IL) -- A Peorian who had been reported missing but was later arrested for taking money from his employer has been indicted by a Peoria County Grand Jury. 37-year old Les Newton was indicted by the grand jury on Tuesday. New has been charged with felony theft. Authorities had put out requesting information in regard to the whereabouts of Newton after he was seen leaving Abraham and Sons Amusements located on Detweiller Drive. Authorities then later said that Newton had taken over $500 but less than $10,000 from the company. Newton is currently out of jail on bond but is due back in Peoria County Circuit Court in early August. Leuthold Found Guilty Of Murdering Wife (Peoria, IL) -- A Peorian accused of killing his wife on Valentine's Day in 2013 has been convicted of that crime. Nathan Leuthold, a former missionary, was convicted on Monday of killing his wife, Denise at their home located on West Mossville Road. Leuthold is scheduled to be back in Peoria County Circuit Court in September when he will be sentenced. Alleged Drunk Man Wanted Cops To Kill Him (Bloomington, IL) -- A Bloomington man is locked up after a scheme to try and get police to kill him. Joseph Pendergast called 9-1-1 over the weekend and told the dispatcher he had hostages at his home and planned to kill them. Cops rushed out to the house and made contact with Pendergast, who demanded a bottle of wine. Officers determined Pendergast was drunk once they entered the home. He apparently told them he didn’t have the courage to kill himself so he wanted them to “do the dirty work.” Police Looking For People Who Tried To Steal Cattle (Boaz, IL) -- A couple people tried to make off with a bull down in Massac County, and now police are looking for help finding them. They say people inside a white Dodge Dually truck attempted to herd a bull onto a cattle trailer off Union School Road in Boaz last Friday, but they took off when someone spotted them. Police are asking people to keep an eye out for the truck, which could be hauling around a couple ATV's inside the trailer. If you see the truck, take down the plate number and call police.

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