Police News 07-01-14

July 1, 2014

Canton Man Facing Drug Charges
(Canton, IL)  --  A Canton man is facing drug charges after police were dispatched to investigate a complaint of a suspicious man looking into vehicle on the western side of Canton.  Police say they located the man in the area of West Chestnut Street and Avenue C Monday morning at about 1:50 and identified him as 31-year old Brian E. Thurman.  Police say there investigation found that Thurman was in possession of a small amount of pot.  He was arrested and taken to the Canton Police Department where he was processed on a charge of unlawful possession of cannabis over 2.5 grams but under 10 grams.  He was given a notice to appear and then released.  Thurman has a July Fulton County Court date in Lewistown.

Traffic Stop Leads To Canton Mans Arrest
(Canton, IL)  --  A Canton man was arrested after he was stopped while riding his bicycle.  Police say they made the stop Saturday morning at about 2:15 near the intersection of Ash Street and 6th Avenue because the bicycle did not have a headlight.  The rider on the bike was identified as 20-year old Kolton M. Hamm.  During the investigation, police found Hamm to be possession of a hitter pipe used to smoke marijuana.  He was then arrested and taken to the Canton Police Department to be processed on a charge of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.  He was given a notice to appear and released.  Hamm has an August Fulton County Court date in Lewistown.

Canton Man Charged After Traffic Stop
(Canton, IL)  --  A traffic stop in Canton resulted in the arrest of a Canton man over the weekend.  Police say they responded to a reckless driving complaint Saturday night at just before 11:30 in the area of Route 9 and County Highway 6.  Officer spotted the vehicle and made the stop at South 5th Avenue and East Linn Street.  The complainant told police that the driver was swerving in and out of lanes and was driving below the posted speed limit.  After making the stop, the driver was identified as 54-year old Harold K. Porter.  During their investigation, police located an open can of beer in the front passenger seat.  Porter was also unable to provide police with proof of insurance.  He was charged with illegal transportation of alcohol as well as driving a motor vehicle without insurance.  He was given a notice to appear at the scene and released.  Porter has an August Fulton County Court date in Lewistown.

Canton Woman Turns Self In On Valid Warrant
(Canton, IL)  --  A Canton woman who was wanted on a valid warrant, turned herself into authorities in Canton over the weekend.  Canton police say that 29-year old Bandy L. Campbell, who was wanted on a 2011 Fulton County Warrant for failure to appear, pay order for possession of cannabis, turned herself in at the Canton Police Department Sunday afternoon at just before 4:10.  Campbell posted a $250 cash bond and a $20 processing fee.  She was then released after being given an August Fulton County Court date in Lewistown.

Seven Arrested For Damaging Vehicles With Explosives
(Normal, IL)  --  Normal Police are warning people who live in the area about bombs made with plastic bottles.  Cops arrested seven young people on Saturday morning who allegedly used the "Works Bombs" to damage cars.  Three men and four juveniles have been charged with Mob Action.  The small explosive devices were found in the 12-hundred block of Searle and the 300 block of Oakdale.   Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for any plastic bottles that look suspicious and may be in your yards or streets.

Former ISU President Convicted In Dispute With Groundskeeper
(Bloomington, IL)  --  A McLean County judge on Monday pronounced former ISU president Timothy Flanagan guilty of disorderly conduct for his abusive confrontation with a school groundskeeper who was working on Flanagan's lawn.  Flanagan was also sentenced yesterday to a year of court supervision, 30-hours of community service and a 300-dollar fine.  Flanagan not only verbally berated the groundskeeper last December, but had him fired after the dispute over the handling of some plants at Flanagan's university-owned house.  Flanagan later resigned and the groundskeeper was rehired.

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