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City Of Canton To Being Effort To Reduce Mosquito Population Tonight

(Canton, IL) -- The city of Canton will start their effort to reduce the mosquito population in Canton tonight. City officials say this is a proactive approach and should cause no alarm. The spraying will begin at dusk tonight and will follow the garbage route schedule. Due to the July 4th holiday on Friday, that route will be spraying along with Thursday's on July 3rd. The spray is administered by a ULV or ultra low volume matching which puts out fine droplets of Natural Pyrethrin, and adulticide with a low level of toxicity that is proven to be a safe and effective way towards elimination of many pests, including mosquitoes. The city does recommend that even with the low toxicity, that residents avoid direct contact with the spray. For more information on the product used and spraying schedule, please contact the Canton Public Works Department by calling 1-309-647-5022.

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